Geneviève Gauthier « Vigo » was born in Montreal in 1979. College degree in humanities with an option in visual arts (Rosemont College and Cégep de Lanaudière). Bachelors’ degree in remedial studies from the Université de Montréal. Pursued additional technical and artistic training in photography at Marsan College. Workshops, classes in drawing and painting, punctuate her journey towards autonomy. Of all the means of expression, acrylic became her preferred medium. We find her works in various collections in Quebec, Canada and Europe. Her mixed technique, which is profusely inventive, borrows to the world of fashion and art jewelry stones, sequins, glitter and lace. Pearly paint, cards, papers, stencils and transfers are the crystallization of her breath and vitality on the canvas.

Through paint, I transpose with forceful energy the emotions experienced in life. With my art, I express states of mind, real or imagined – It’s so good to dream – full of positivism, movement and color. When a gaze falls on one of my paintings and a smile lights up a face, I know that energy is shared. Life is complicated enough! By my spontaneous creativity, I hope to share an energizing comfort on the canvas of our lives.

Art that smiles at you is good for your soul.”